“…if you want you can run your converted aga just as you used to BUT you have so much more flexibility available to you now…”

Cooking on it…

1. Independent cooking:

The hobs work independently of each other as does the top oven.

They can all be independently heat controlled meaning you can be frying on one hob, simmering on the other while roasting in the oven or just have on whatever you need when you want it.

“…so in summer you don’t need to suffer oppressive heat from the ovens if all you want is to use the hob…”

2. Improved Heat up times

Heat up times are vastly improved. 

Figures below are a guide as there are variables relating to each appliance eg

Thickness of castings

Level of insulation in left hand ovens

Level of insulation in lids and doors

The hob thermostats have a manufacturing tolerance – the top end temperature can vary markedly but all allow rolling boils etc.

  • Frying on either hob takes 12 minutes from a cold hob
  • Right hand ovens – 200 deg c takes the top oven 1 hour 35 minutes from cold to be ready
  • Left hand ovens – from cold to 110c – 1 hour 15 mins

… “cooking is so much easier as you have more precision with temperatures…”

3. Control Panel

No longer do you need the mercury readout – you control each hob and the top oven from simple and easy to operate controls behind the bottom left-hand door (2 door aga).  There’s an extra control knob for any 4 oven Agas for the left hand side ovens.  

The hobs have several settings ranging from simmering to boiling temperatures.

“…you can select a specific temperature in your top oven ensuring baking etc is so much more accurate…”

2 Oven ElectricKit Control Panel

4. Timing your oven to come on

You can chose to operate the ovens by timer (your electrician can recommend, supply and install), again to suit yourself, by switching the oven on 1 hour 35 min’s before you need to e.g.

1. Getting up to a warm kitchen

2. Cooking the family meal in the evening

5. Remote operation

You can switch the ovens ON & OFF remotely using eg a WEMO switch and App on your mobile phone. Great if you are away from home and want the oven up to temperature for when you arrive back. Simply switch ON with the App when 2 hours away from home.

6. Money saving

As you are only switching on and using energy to cook when you need it you are not paying unnecessarily for the oven to be hot when you are asleep, at work, on holiday etc